Pandora is a service that provides music via Internet, in a (kind of) commercial free radio format.  It’s like having your own personal DJ, except you can tell this DJ to skip songs you don’t like, and customize the selection to what YOU want in rotation.

There’s a lot more about Pandora that makes it a really effective, user friendly, and valuable service, but you can research all that HERE.  What I want to highlight is that Pandora is an “equal opportunity employer” for independent artists.  Meaning, anyone can submit music to be evaluated and included in the Music Genome Project rotation.  Pandora can also be a platform to promote your music, and provides an additional revenue stream through “buy links”.   I highly suggest sending in your next project, the more places your music can be heard, the more likely you will develop a fan base, (if the music is good).

See their guidelines to submit your music to Pandora’s Music Genome Project.

*tip – always read FAQ’s, (they’re not called “frequently asked question’s” for nothing).

So yes, I heart Pandora! Not only is the company based in the Bay Area, but they are a great service that supports independent artists, (although I’m not sure if the music selection is biased?)  Hopefully, if you follow the instructions mentioned earlier, and spend time making QUALITY music, you too will have a Pandora “radio station” in your name.