i miss mixtapes – part 2

Synchronicity, I learned in my early twenties, is definitely real…

I’m turning 29 years old this year, wow. So of course I’m reminiscing hella hard right now - before hyphy there was mobb music, which also happened to be when gas prices were about a buck fifty (wow.) It was also the days of “508″ (wet & wild  - remember that ladies?), and espresso lipliner. Which makes sense as to why I have a section on my site entitled “i miss mixtapes” – cause I damn near wish I was back 10 years ago, since it happens to be my high school 10 year reunion this year. wow.

sophmore year…

So when DJ Mark Marcelo hit me up with his mixtape “scrunchies & headbands” - a mixtape dedicated to 90′s R&B, it fit perfectly with what’s been going on in my life lately… synchronicity, strikes again!

Below is a 20 minute snippet of the mix… enjoy!


 Check out the release parties this week in Califas and pick up a copy:

Thursday 7/10 @ U-31

Friday 7/11 @ Azul

purchase a copy @ www.markmarcelo.com

*Papa Lo-Down i miss mixtapes section

ps. DJ Mark Marcelo is also a contributing writer over at the blog – fobbdeep.com - know about it…

pps. Here’s the original ” i miss mixtapes” mix – read the original post HERE